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This page will be frequently updated as we compile information on CO2 pipelines; landowner rights; eminent domain; and carbon capture and sequestration.

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PHMSA Announces New Safety Measures  for CO2 Pipelines
PHMSA Investigative Report, Denbury CO2 Pipeline Failure
CO2 Pipelines - Dangerous and Under-Regulated
Denbury Greencore CO2 Pipeline Public Safety Brochure
CO2, Normal Physiology;Hazards and Risks

Navigator's Economic Benefits, Illinois Infographic
An Economist Breaks Down The Costs of Carbon Pipelines In Iowa
Opinion: Beware of exaggerated 'benefits' of carbon pipelines

llinois Legislation
Agricultural Impact Mitigation Agreement
Carbon Dioxide Transportation and Sequestration Act
U of I Study and Task Force, Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Carbon Dioxide Storage Act (not passed)
County Zoning Opinion, Ancel Glink

Adopted Resolutions
Christian County, Buckhart Township
Christian County, Village of Edinburg
Christian County, Village of Mount Auburn
Sangamon County Ball Township
Sangamon County, Chatham Township
Sangamon County, Cotton Hill Township
Sangamon County, Loami Township
Sangamon County, New Berlin Township

Model Ordinances / Resolutions
County Resolution to Protect Residents and First Responders
County Resolution - Level of Cultivation
County Ordinance - Routing and Mitigation, South Dakota
County  Ordinance - Emergency Planning and Route Safety
County Ordinance - Land Restoration and Damage Assessment
County Ordinance - Drainage District Protection

IHistoric and Archaeological
Illinois State Historic Preservation Office
IAS Submission Guidelines Updated Sep 2021
Illinois Archaeological Site Recording Submission Form 2021

Videos and Webinars