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Stay Informed and Connect with Us
Because we know that the impacts of a CO2 pipeline rupture can affect properties within a mile or so, we want to connect with you. For the purpose of this campaign, a business or institution can include any commercial, office,  or industrial property; or a school, house of worship, medical facility, university, and similar businesses or institutions not specifically listed. If your business or institution is located along  the proposed Navigator pipeline route, please sign up using the Affected Landowners tab.

The proposed Navigator pipeline is not like an oil or gas pipeline, because it transfers liquid CO2 at high pressures. If the pipeline ruptures or leaks, those who are exposed to the gas will immediately become ill, and potentially die. Signing up to receive notifications from us will ensure you have the most up-to-date information and invitations to meetings and events.

Your involvement is key to protect against the health, environmental, and economic impacts from this CO2 pipeline. We have designed yard signs that can be printed and displayed.

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