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Interested in Learning about Navigator's CO2 Pipeline?  
Why is it being proposed? Who benefits? Who bears the risk?

MONDAY, March 7, 6:30pm to 8pm (CT)
Virtual meeting (webinar)

We will unpack concerns about safety, reduced crop yield, landowner rights, eminent domain, and more.
This meeting is for landowners, local officials, agencies, emergency responders, and anyone concerned about the proposed CO2 pipeline.

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Guest Speakers
Jessica Wiskus, affected landowner. Jessica received notice from Navigator that her property lies within their planned corridor, and will share how this affects her.

Paul Blackburn, attorney, Bold Alliance, will present: what is behind this “gold-rush” of CO2 pipelines and how they are being funded; COpipeline safety concerns and lack of federal oversight; lowered crop productivity associated with pipeline construction; and explain that this pipeline is just one of many planned.

John Albers, attorney and advocate for renewable energy and transportation electrification, will speak about eminent domain; the Illinois Commerce Commission’s approval process; what the ICC will consider when evaluating Navigator CO2 Venture’s Heartland Greenway. and how landowners, local officials, and emergency responders can organize to intervene. John formerly worked as an administrative judge at the ICC.

Sponsored By
Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines
For more information, call: 217.607.1948 or email:  coalition@noillinoisco2pipelines.org

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For a full-size map, click the image on the right showing the planned routing of Navigator's pipeline through Illinois.

Banner showing pipeline construction in Pennsylvania.Photo 39559842 / Gas Pipeline © Knightshade | Dreamstime.com

6 comments on “March 7 CO2 Pipeline Meeting”

  1. Pam King Reply

    Can you tell me if this virtual meeting is being recorded to watch later? I cannot attend BUT my property is being targeted.

    • admin Reply

      Yes – it will be recorded, Pam. If you register, a copy will be sent to you, along with responses raised during the webinar.

      Also, if you would be willing to sign up as a landowner, that will ensure we can connect you with others organizing to fight the pipeline. You can sign up here: https://noillinoisco2pipelines.org/landowner-information/

      We will also be hosting followup events to keep everyone informed; and to help with the organizing events. We are asking everyone NOT to sign a voluntary easement with Navigator; doing so now will waive your rights.

      Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Rinald Swager Reply

    Since this in not a government project, a public utility, or a common carrier is there ant threat of eminent domain taking ??

  3. admin Reply

    In the near future, Navigator will be approaching landowners with a request to sign an easement agreement with them (contract). If they need eminent domain (which they will) to complete their project, they will need to obtain that approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission. For a variety of reasons, the ICC is likely to grant that approval, UNLESS there is intervention during that process. The Coalition will be helping to form intervening groups.

  4. Charles Gribbins Reply

    Why is there no federal oversight of this pipeline, what are the requirements they are following to install this pipeline, how are they going to verify the integrity of the pipeline, I have been involved with pipeline inspection and regulations for about 28 years, I have a lot of question about this pipeline and why they want to bring this to our area. I know money is the driving factor, but have the done any studies of the underground structure to prove it would be safe to inject into the ground? Would like to find out more information about this pipeline, where can it be viewed at? Thanks for you help.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Charles. Because it is a relatively new technology, federal oversight of CO2 pipelines is limited. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has declined to take jurisdiction over them, and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration has not yet addressed safety.

      We will be posting the video from Monday’s webinar shortly. That will answer a lot of your questions. We also are preparing responses to questions raised during that webinar, and will post those too. Stay tuned!

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