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Who Is the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines?
We are a growing coalition of Illinois environmental groups, landowners, and residents concerned about the environmental, economic, and the unprecedented safety hazards associated with building a network of CO2 pipelines across our state. We believe the mad rush to build these pipelines as part of the technology called carbon capture and sequestration is dangerous, and a false solution that will keep us reliant on fossil fuels.

Let's stop the rush on risky CO2 pipelines. They are expensive and require tax payer funding. These unproven technologies rely on eminent domain; reduce the productivity of Illinois farmland;  and put our communities at risk.

Join Us!
If you are interested in joining the movement in Illinois to stop these pipelines, sign up  today, using the appropriate classification.

Affected landowner
Interested residents

If you have a question or comment, please use our contact form.

Coalition Members
Central Illinois Healthy Communities Alliance
Citizens Against Heartland Greenway Pipeline
Eco-Justice Collaborative
Eagle View Group, Sierra Club
Faith Coalition for the Common Good
Heart of Illinois Group, Sierra Club
Illinois People's Action
Sangamon Valley Group, Sierra Club
Save Our Illinois Land
Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter

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