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No Expedited Permits for CO2 Pipelines!
Send a second letter to the Corps of Engineers today
Under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, the Corps has the responsibility to protect the integrity of our nation’s surface waters by regulating the discharge fill or dredged material into waters of the U.S. such as rivers, streams and wetlands. Currently, at least three major pipelines, covering approximately 3,500 miles, are proposed for the upper midwest. Given the recent increase in tax incentives available for the construction of carbon capture infrastructure, many more pipeline projects are expected to follow. One study projects the need for over 65,000 miles of new pipeline in the U.S. by 2050. 

The environmental impact of CO2 pipelines has never been documented, and yet the U.S. ACE is poised to permit these projects as thousands of separate projects, ignoring cumulative impacts. The use of an expedited permit process for thousands of miles of CO2 pipelines is not consistent with the intent of the nationwide program and does not acknowledge the unique characteristics of carbon dioxide pipelines nor the anticipated magnitude of pipeline infrastructure.

For these reasons, we need you to join us!
Please send this new letter to call on the Corps to

  • Process large scale CO2 pipeline projects as Individual Permits.
  • Conduct a project specific environmental assessment.
  • Allow the public to have a voice in the decision-making.

We are timing the release of this second letter to coincide with a sign-on letter to the U.S. ACE, and believe that hearing from a variety of voices could convince them to use the Individual Permit process for all CO2 pipeline projects, beginning with Navigator CO2 Ventures' Heartland Greenway.

Please sign and share
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