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One Earth Sequestration, LCC
One Earth Sequestration, LLC is the latest CO2 pipeline and sequestration project proposed in IL. Here is what you need to know.

CO2 Pipeline
Application to the ICC
Filed October 18, 2023
E-Docket #23-0708
Read the petition/application

ICC Staff Recommendation of Denial
February 28, 2024
Read ICC Staff member Mark Maple's testimony
Basis of recommendation primarily related to safety and One Earth's intent to build its pipeline before PHMSA completes its rulemaking to improve safety and oversight of CO2 pipelines. But also highlighted lack of critical information in the application, such as lack of negotiated easements, an emergency response plan, permit for sequestration, and more.

Description of the CO2 Pipeline Project

  1. 7.34-miles long.
  2. Diameter:
    • 16” trunkline (6.72 miles).
    • 10.75” laterals (0.6 miles) which will connect injection well #1.
    • 10.75” lateral (.02 miles) which will connect to injection well #2.
  3. Capable of transporting 4.5 million metric tons CO2 annually.
  4. Additional capacity proposed allows third party users (OEE has submitted potential users in a 50-mile radius to ICC).
  5. 200-foot wide corridor proposed to allow flexibility in pipeline siting.
  6. Does not intend to use eminent domain. However:
    • At least five of 18 landowners potentially affected have indicated they will not sign a voluntary easement.
    • As of February 28, 2024, OEE did not have any signed easements.
  7. Construction anticipated to begin in 2024 (per ICC application)
  8. Three entities have intervened in the ICC proceedings:
    • McLean County.
    • Illinois Agriculture Association (aka Illinois Farm Bureau).
    • Save Our Illinois Land (this includes Eco-Justice Collaborative).
    • Ford County.
  9. All pipelines leak and rupture. According to PHMSA there were:
    • 17 reported accidents from 2001-2005.
    • 28 reported accidents from 2006-2010.
    •  23 reported accidents from2011-2015.
    • 33 reported accidents from 2016-2020.

Application to the U.S. EPA, Region V
Filed February 2023
Read the application here

Description of the Carbon Sequestration Project

  1. Located in Mt. Simon Formation in McLean County.
    • Site studied by the ISGS and Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
    • 178 square-mile area of review. Includes Gibson City (two schools, hospital, nursing home, day care facilities, etc.).
    • 32 square mile underground CO2 plume.
  2. Three injection wells placed in recharge areas of the Mahomet Aquifer, which provides fresh drinking water for nearly 1 million people in central Illinois, placing the aquifer at risk of contamination if CO2 were to leak.
  3. One Earth’s proposed sequestration area is 23 times the size needed for its project:
    • Third party users that will tap into CO2 pipeline identified by OES.
    • Could also include five other REX American Resources ethanol plants: West Burlington and Dyersville IA; Marion, SD, Boyceville, WI; and Galva, Illinois.
  4. Sequestration expected to be in service by 2025 (per ICC application).


Gibson City Slide Deck, February 6, 2024
Handout, One Earth CO2 pipeline
Handout, One Earth Sequestration
Actions you can take
Sample Resolution for Governments affected by One Earth

Class VI Well permits, Region V
Class Vi Well permits under review by the U.S. EPA in Region V are 100 times the size of ADM’s Decatur facility. Rapidly developing projects are happening within a few years of one another, and at a scale that has never been done before.