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On Friday, January 20, Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC filed a motion with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to voluntarily withdraw its Application for Certificate of Authority to construct a dangerous CO2 pipeline through 13 Illinois counties. In its initial application, Navigator failed to secure the easements required for a sequestration site, rendering their application incomplete.

While this is good news, the company also released a statement that said they will be back in February with a larger project that includes another lateral route and a least one more sequestration area.  Will they be able to succeed?  Not if we keep organizing and refuse to sign lease agreements in the pore space areas!  Read more ...

What You Need to Know about CO2 Pipelines
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Wolf Carbon Solutions and ADM have announced a proposal to construct a 280-mile pipeline that will carry high pressure CO2 through ten counties in west and central Illinois. This webinar will help you understand the proposal, its risks, and actions you can take to protect you and your community.

Monday, February 6, 2023
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Two CO2 Pipelines Are Coming to Illinois
Two CO2 pipelines are making their way from Iowa to Illinois.  They are the first of several expected in what is becoming known as the "Midwest CO2 Express".  CO2 pipelines are new to Illinois, and differ from oil and gas. In fact, in the U.S., CO2 pipelines have never been constructed at the lengths proposed, and raising concerns across the country because they are under-regulated  and pose numerous safety hazards and land use concerns.  If these pipelines rupture or leak (and they have), CO2 could travel more than a mile and asphyxiate humans or livestock within a few minutes, depending on concentration and length of exposure.  Read more ... 

Navigator's Heartland "Greenway"
Navigator CO2 Ventures, LLC, is a Texas  midstream infrastructure company. Navigator plans to build a 1,300 mile pipeline that would  transport high-pressure, liquified CO2 from ethanol and fertilizer plants in South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, where they will store it deep underground in Christian County. In June, Navigator added POET, the world's largest ethanol producer, to their project. This will increase the number of clients from 20 to 32, further complicating the management and transport of CO2. Read more.

ADM / Wolf Carbon Solutions 
ADM / Wolf Carbon Solutions plans to build a CO2 pipeline from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Decatur, Illinois, where they plan to store it underground in Macon County. The route of this 280-mile pipeline will be more precisely defined, once ADM / Wolf files its application with the Illinois Commerce Commission.  This is proposal is Phase I of a project that would include expansion deeper into Midwest and Ohio Valley industrial area, and potentially capture and transport CO2 from steel and cement plants, and other emitters.  Read more .


Send a Letter to Governor Pritzker and US and State Officials
We've been fighting CO2 pipelines by educating and growing the base of support among those most affected by a CO2 pipeline.  That includes landowners, residents, township supervisors, villages, county boards, emergency service personnel, and more.  In July we started a non-profit to intervene in Navigator's approval process, with the goal of stopping this dangerous pipeline. Now, it is time to expand our outreach to include Governor Pritzker, the Illinois General Assembly, and Congress.

Please take time to send a letter to the Governor and U.S. and state officials.  You can use our advocacy form to create your own, or simply send the one that is there.  This is important, as we move towards obtaining  support for a moratorium on CO2 pipelines that is tied to the competition of PHMSA's rulemaking process.

Sign up for Group Representation to Stop Navigator's  CO2 Pipeline!
Navigator filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission on July 25. This began an 11-month process that could, without intervention by landowners and local units of government, give Navigator the eminent domain approval it needs to build the pipeline. Don't let this happen!

The ONLY way to stop the pipeline is to intervene in the proceedings of the ICC.  Citizens Against Heartland Greenway was formed to provide landowners, residents, organizations, and local units of government an opportunity to have group representation in these proceedings by Attorney Joe Murphy, Meyer Capel. Download and return this agreement to intervene and then share with others.  Learn more here.

Navigator attempts to buy out McDonough Co.

Navigator attempts to buy out McDonough Co.

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Navigator Withdraws Pipeline Proposal

Navigator Withdraws Pipeline Proposal

On Friday, January 20, Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC filed a motion with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to voluntarily withdraw ...
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Don't Let Navigator Control the Narrative!

Don’t Let Navigator Control the Narrative!

Don't let Navigator control the narrative! Tell Governor Pritzker and your state and U.S. representatives to put a stop to ...
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Albert Karvelis, PhD

Albert Karvelis, PhD

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CCS … Climate Savior OR False Solution?

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TRI-County Info Event, Navigator's CO2 Pipeline

TRI-County Info Event, Navigator’s CO2 Pipeline

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