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Are You Interested In Group Representation to Stop Navigator's  CO2 Pipeline?
Navigator filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission on July 25. This began an 11-month process that could, without intervention by landowners and local units of government, give Navigator the eminent domain approval it needs to build the pipeline. Don't let that happen!

The ONLY way to stop the pipeline is to intervene in the proceedings of the ICC.  Citizens Against Heartland Greenway was formed to provide landowners, residents, organizations, and local units of government an opportunity to have group representation in these proceedings by Attorney Joe Murphy, Meyer Capel. Download and return this agreement to intervene and then share with others.  Learn more here.

File a Public Comment with the ICC
Now that Navigator has filed, it's time to share comments of concern an opposition to this state agency. It is true that public comments will not be considered part of the official record. But, it is ALSO true that they will be read and can influence the Commissioners' thinking.

Submitting a comment is one way to show opposition to a pipeline that poses a safety threat to those who live and work along the route; affect farmland during construction, reducing crop yield; and, due to the threat, is likely to reduce property values. Click for instructions.

Send a Letter to Your County Board
County boards have a lot of power, and can regulate CO2 pipelines. But Navigator has been telling them that there is nothing they can do. That is incorrect, and delays counties from taking action that can protect their residents!

Your County Board Chair and Vice-Chair need to know that you are holding them accountable for protecting residents from hazardous CO2 pipelines. Click for more and to send your letter. Iff you are from Sangamon County, thank the Board for intervening in the ICC proceedings and adopting a CO2 pipeline moratorium!



Two CO2 Pipelines Coming to Illinois
Two CO2 pipelines are making their way from Iowa to Illinois.  They are the first of several expected as what is becoming known as the "Midwest CO2 Express".  CO2 pipelines are new to Illinois, and differ from oil and gas. In fact, in the U.S., they have never been constructed at the lengths proposed, and raising concerns across the country because they are under-regulated  and pose numerous safety hazards and land use concerns.  If these pipelines rupture or leak (and they have), CO2 could asphyxiate humans or livestock within a few miles.  Read more ... 

Navigator's Heartland "Greenway"
Navigator CO2 Ventures, LLC, is a Texas  midstream infrastructure company,. Navigator wants to build a 1,300 mile pipeline that would  transport high-pressure, liquified CO2 from industry clients in South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, where they will store it more than a mile underground in Christian County. In June, Navigator added POET, the world's largest ethanol producer, to their project. This increased the number of facilities from which they will capture CO2 from 20 to 38, further complicating the management and transport of CO2.

Navigator's project is, at best, a risky experiment, funded by the taxpayer for private gain.  It puts residents and communities along the route at risk from a pipeline rupture that could release a large plume of CO2 that could travel a mile or more.  CO2 is an asphyxiant that can kill humans and livestock in minutes.  Read more ...

ADM / Wolf Carbon Solutions 
ADM / Wolf Carbon Solutions plans to build a CO2 pipeline from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Decatur, Illinois, where they plan to store it  underground in Macon County. The route of this 300 mile pipeline will be more precisely defined, once ADM / Wolf has secured agreements with ethanol and fertilizer plants.  This is proposal is Phase I of a possible Phase III project that would include expansion deeper into Midwest and Ohio Valley industrial area, and potentially capture and transport CO2 from steel and cement plants, and other emitters.  Read more ...



Are CO2 Pipelines an Economic Boon
... OR Boondoggle?
Watch Dr. Silvia Secchii's presentation about what goes into economic studies for pipelines and why their rosy projections are often more marketing than fact.  Dr. Secchi,  a Natural Resources Economist from the University of Iowa, unpacks Navigator's projections of "opportunities" while underscoring the costs of CO2 Pipelines to Illinois communities. For more ... read Dr. Secchi's August 22 interview with Food & Water Watch

Would you know what to do if a CO2 pipeline leaks or ruptures?
This webinar includes a first responder from Satartia Mississippi, and focused on understanding what emergency responders need know about CO2 pipelines.  Learn how CO2 pipelines are under-regulated by the government, and  how they can spread a plume of carbon dioxide a mile or more wide when they rupture. CO2 is harmful to humans and, in high enough concentrations, can cause death within minutes. This video shows why emergency response plans are essential to protect health and safety.

Say NO to Navigator! 
Watch tour coalition's first webinar where we explain what's behind the mad dash to build CO2 pipelines.  Learn about the impact of CO2 pipelines on farmland from landowner Jessica Wiskus.  Then hear Paul Blackburn, Attorney, Bold Alliance, talk about the hazards of CO2 pipelines. John Albers, Attorney, former Administrative Law Judge with the Illinois Commerce Commission walks us through the permitting process with that state agency.

Watch, and then share widely with friends and colleagues.


TRI-County Info Event, Navigator's CO2 Pipeline

TRI-County Info Event, Navigator’s CO2 Pipeline

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Sangamon Is the First County to Intervene

Sangamon Is the First County to Intervene

Yesterday, Sangamon County became the first county in Illinois to formally intervene in Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC’s petition to construct ...
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Landowners File Formal Opposition to CO2 Pipeline

Landowners File Formal Opposition to CO2 Pipeline

Landowners file formal objection to Navigator's CO2 pipeline. "We can't sit idly by and let this private company destroy our ...
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Submit a Comment to the ICC

Submit a Comment to the ICC

File a public comment with the Illinois Commerce Commission to let the ICC know that you oppose Navigator's CO2 pipeline ...
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Economic Boon... OR Boondoggle?

Economic Boon… OR Boondoggle?

What goes into economic studies for pipelines and why tare heir rosy projections often more marketing than fact? Join us ...
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Navigator Files Application with ICC

Navigator Files Application with ICC

Yesterday (7.25.22), Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC filed a petition with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to construct a dangerous CO2 ...
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