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Want to Stop CO2 Pipelines? Here’s What You Can Do

Put a sign in your yard
This raises visibility of concerns related to safety and eminent domain, and shows you are directly impacted or support those who are affected by CO2 pipelines or carbon storage. Go to our website, click the RESOURCES tab, then click the drop down menu and select “Signs.” Instructions on how to order signs are provided.

Write a letter to the editor
We have  posted letters to the editor on our website that have been written and published, and include content you can draw upon. Click the LTE tab to see what others are saying!

Join the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines
Use the SIGN-UP form on our website to join the Coalition. You will receive invitations to our Thursday night organizing meetings, where you can meet people from other counties working to stop CO2 pipelines and carbon sequestration. Learn how to support a bill that will prevent eminent domain and forced acquisition of pore space (and more), and another that will put in place a two-year moratorium on CO2 pipelines.

Ask your Township Officials or Village Boards to adopt a resolution
Resolutions that oppose CO2 pipelines and carbon sequestration make a difference to County Board members weighing the impacts of a pipeline or sequestration project. Be sure to get a copy to send to your County Board. Go to our website, click the RESOURCES tab, then click the drop down menu and select “Links and Resources.” You’ll find sample resolutions there to take to your local governments. Do you want to read what other governmental units have submitted?  Click here.

Make a public comment at your County Board or City Council meeting
This is one of the best ways to get information to your elected officials. Share your concerns about CO2 pipelines and carbon sequestration, and ask them to adopt a moratorium and to intervene in the Illinois Commerce Commission proceedings, a process that will either approve or deny a CO2 pipeline project. Until we pass legislation, this is the ONLY way to stop a CO2 pipeline project. Need help knowing what to say? Email coalition@noillinoisco2pipelines.org.

Host a public information meeting
You provide the audience - and we’ll provide the speakers! This could be a church group, a civic group, a homeowner’s association, or a houseful of friends. Contact Pam at coalition@noillinoisco2pipelines.org if you are interested.

Send a letter to your elected officials
Go to our website, click ACT NOW, and then click the drop down menu that reads “Contact Your Local Officials”. You’ll find an advocacy form you can use to craft your own letter, modify ours, or send “as is” to relay your concerns about  pipelines and carbon sequestration. Your letter will automatically be sent to the Governor and your U.S. and state senators and representatives. Our letter will change weekly, so do this often!

Post a comment on the ICC’s website.
We are recommending you copy the letter you have written (or modified) using our advocacy form, and then paste it on the ICC’s public comments page on their website. Directions for doing that are on the “Contact Your Local Officials” page. You can make a comment on Docket #23-0161 (Navigator’s project) and Docket #230475 (Wolf’s project). The Illinois Commission monitors these public comment pages, and we encourage you to post a comment two or more times each month.

Join an intervening group! 
This is the best way to stop a CO2 pipeline developer that has filed its application with the Illinois Commerce Commission:

Citizens Against Heartland Greenway Pipeline: Karen Brockelsby, kbrockelsby6@gmail.com
Citizens Against Predatory Pipelines:  Tracy Fox, tracy@tracyfox.com.

Download Flier - Actions You Can Take