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Contact Your Local Farm Bureau Representatives
Do you want to make sure that Navigator CO2 Ventures and ADM/Wolf Carbon Solutions are not able to build their carbon pipelines until the federal government has updated its rules to improve safety and oversight? Then please take the time to place a call to your county farm bureau manager and president.  Here's what to say:

"The Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration announced on May 26, 2022, that it was initiating a rule-making process to improve safety and oversight of CO2 pipelines. This announcement was released the same day the Administration issued its investigation report on the February 2022 CO2 pipeline rupture  near Satartia, Mississippi, that caused the evacuation of 200 people and put 45 in the hospital.

As a member of the [insert county] and Illinois Farm Bureau, I am asking the [insert county] farm bureau to adopt a resolution that asks the Illinois Farm Bureau to support a state-wide moratorium on CO2 pipelines, until PHMSA's rule-making process has been completed. That process is expected to be completed in October 2024.

I would be happy to attend your next meeting to answer questions about the importance of this request."

After you have completed your calls to both the farm bureau manager and the president of your county farm bureau, please send a follow up email. Phone numbers and email addresses for mangers and presidents of county farm bureaus are provided below.  Click to  download the resolution for counties.

Remember  ... the Illinois Farm Bureau and your county farm bureau represent.you and others in your county who are concerned about CO2 pipelines. They should be willing to support a request for a temporary moratorium that is tied to tPHMSA's rule-making process.  Without that, corporations like Navigator and ADM / Wolf Carbon Solutions will build their carbon pipelines without the benefit of these new regulations, jeopardizing farmers, livestock, and non-farm residents in your county.

If you need more information about the hazards of CO2 pipelines, please read:

The Gassing of Satartia
PHMSA's Investigation Report of the Pipeline Rupture Near Satartia
CO2 Pipelines - Dangerous and Under-Regulated
Pipeline Rupture Video (DNV)
County Farm Bureau Resolution County Farm Bureau Resolution

Adams County
Shawn Valter, Manager
(217) 222-7305 - acfb@adams.net

Brent Clair, President
(217) 257-9963 - farm4cast@yahoo.com

Brown County 
Kathy Knight, Manager
(217) 773-2634 - brcofb@adams.net

Jon M. Boylen, President
(217) 772-2634 - jrboylen@gmail.com

Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau
Lindsay McQueen, Manager
(217) 245-6833 - cmfb1@frontier.com

Wesley White, President
(217) 370-8248 - silverado_682@yahoo.com

Christian County Farm Bureau
Alec Myers, Farm Bureau Certified Manager
217.824.2940 - christianfbmgr@ctifiber.com

Matthew Heberling, President
(217) 827-9194 - mpheberling@landolakes.com

Fulton County Farm Bureau
Elaine Stone, Manager
(309) 547-3011 - fultonfb@att.net

Barry Fisher, President

Hancock  County Farm Bureau
Libbie Pollock, Manager
(217) 357-3141 - hcfbmanager@gmail.com

Bryan Stevens, President
(217) 357-3141 - 4stevensfarms@gmail.com

Henry County Farm Bureau
Katie Laleman, Manager
(309) 937-2411 - manager@henrycofarmbureau.org

Dennis Verbeck
(309) 936-7118 - 1verbfarm@gmail.com

Knox County Farm Bureau
Hailey Weyhrich, Manager
309.342-2036 - knoxcfb@knoxcfb.org

Beau Bewley, President
(309) 208-0786 - beaubewley@mymctc.net

McDonough County Farm Bureau
Katie Dowling, Manager
(309) 837-3350 - mcdonoughfb@gmail.com

Colby Hunt, President
(309) 224-7447 - colbyhunt82@hotmail.com

Pike / Scott Farm Bureau
Jenna Morrow, Manager
(217) 285-2233 - office@pikescottfb.org

Kim Curry, President
(217) 833 -2482 - currykl@irtc.net

Sangamon County Farm Bureau
Jim Birge, Manager
217.753-5200  - jbirge@sangamonfb.org

Adan Bailey, President
(217) 753-5200 - farmbureau@sangamonfb.org

Schuyler County Farm Bureau
Kelly Westlake
(217) 322-4353 - scfb@casscomm.com

Chris Vogler, President
(217) 371-2830 - cvogler54@hotmail.com

Not along Navigator's Route?
If you are along ADM/ Wolf Carbon Solutions route, click this link to find information on county farm bureaus in Rock Island, Henry, Knox, Stark, Peoria, Tazwell, Logan,McLean, Dewitt,Macon  and Piatt. Two of these (Henry and Knox) would also be affected by Navigator's CO2 pipeline.