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Stay Informed and Connect with Us
Fill out the form below if you are a landowner in Illinois who has received a letter, telephone call, or other outreach about negotiating an easement or surveying for a proposed "carbon / CO2 pipeline" by Navigator COVentures. Please share this form with neighbors and other affected landowners, so that they too, can connect with us. We plan to host several events that will provide essential information about the CO2 pipeline, which poses numerous safety hazard, environmental, and land use issues. These events will help you understand your rights as a landowner.

The proposed Navigator pipeline is not like an oil or gas pipeline, because it transfers liquid CO2 at high pressures. If the pipeline ruptures or leaks, those who are exposed to the gas will immediately become ill, and potentially die.

Join Forces with Others
We plan are assembling information about how joining other landowners who are opposed to selling easements -- by hiring the same legal representation as a group -- can bring benefits both to you, and to the group as a whole. Our group is new, and beginning to join established groups in other states (Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Kansas) also impacted by the Navigator CO2 Pipeline.

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