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Subject Matter Hearing, April 24, 2023
A virtual subject matter hearing has been scheduled for Monday, April 24, at 10 am on the HB3119, the Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage Protections Act. We will post the link to the hearing on this page when it becomes available. You also can join our mailing list to get information "as it happens", and invitation to weekly organizing meetings.

Download a fact sheet here.

This comprehensive bill would put “common sense” safeguards in place to fill regulatory gaps in Illinois that leave Illinois residents unprotected from the risks carbon capture and storage, including CO2 pipelines. It would eliminate eminent domain and the forced acquisition of pore space rights and require a project developer to identify life-cycle impacts of a project, show that it is net-carbon negative, and evaluate alternatives that could result in less harm.

The bill also would hold the developer liable for CO2 releases or migration of CO2 under a non-consenting landowners property, and require the developer - not the state -  to be responsible for long-term post closure monitoring and care for 100 years.

And it would establish meaningful setbacks from carbon pipelines, provide funding for emergency response training and equipment, and require a developer to hold public information meetings and coordinate a pipeline project before filing with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Call your elected officials today!
Let them know you want them to support and cosponsor HB3119.  Look up your elected officials at Open States. Then place your call to your state senator, and another to our state representative.  and leave the following message (or share with the staff person who answers the phone:

"My name is (state your name) and I live at (share your address).  As a constituent, I am calling to ask (enter name) to support and cosponsor HB3119, the Carbon Dioxide Transportation and Storage Protections Act.  This bill provides Illinois protections for carbon capture, CO2 pipelines, and carbon storage.  I care about this bill because (share your reasons)."

What are your reasons for opposing CO2 pipelines and carbon capture and storage? Do you live along the route and are concerned about eminent domain or safety? Are you  concerned that there is no environmental review for projects that are over 1300 miles long? Will you experience impacts to your farm? Do you live in a sequestration area and have concerns about potential drinking water?  Do you believe that carbon capture keeps fossil fuel plants running, rather than transitioning to renewable energy?

You don't have to be long. The important thing is to place your calls.  Your state senator and representative will keep track of how many constituents care enough to call.

Have you sent a letter, yet?  
Simply fill in the form  below with your contact information, then click "NEXT". You can send it as is - OR modify it as you like.

Contact Your Elected Officials Today!

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