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Don't let Navigator control what your elected officials think
Did you know that Navigator has a website that includes a form that allows industry and other supporters to tell Governor Pritzker and your State and U.S. Senators and Representatives that carbon capture and CO2 pipelines are good for Illinois?  Well they are, and those comments also are appearing on the ICC's public comment  page for Navigator's docket 23-0161.

With your help, we can send several messages a day to the Governor and decision-makers.  These letters and posts will highlight the hazards of CO2 pipelines, and tie our messaging to PHMSA's rule-making process.

How to use this advocacy form
It's easy!  Our software program will detect the names of your elected officials, who also will want your contact information. That is why this information comes first.  Some senators and representatives will require you to submit your phone number, but you can wait for the prompt if you don't want to add it now. When you click next, you will be taken to the editable letter.

While you can submit the letter as written, please know your concerns and position will be taken more seriously if you write your own letter, or modify what we have prepared as a base. We suggest you write more frequent letters, rather than lengthy, less frequent ones.

Post your comment to the ICC's page
If you copy your comment before you send it, you can easily head over to the ICC's public comment page for Navigator's docket 23-0161 and paste it there. It's easy.  The ICC needs to hear from you as much as your elected officials.  This short video provides a tutorial for posting comments.  NOTE:  Navigator has refiled, and the new docket number is 23-0161 (not 22-0497 as shown in the video).

Don't know what to say?
If you are new to this campaign, and aren't quite sure what to say, sign up for our weekly prompts!  We will send you just one email per week with suggestions for content, including references. For more ideas, take a look at: