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Tell Governor Pritzker that CO2 pipelines are NOT safe!
Industry is telling the Governor that CO2 pipelines can be safely constructed in Illinois. But we know that isn't true. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is undergoing rule-making specifically because CO2 pipelines are NOT safe, and need both improved safety measures and oversight. Yet, CO2 pipeline developers Navigator and Wolf are not waiting for these new regulations, which will address running ductile fractures, geohazards, impurities, and more. Most importantly, PHMSA is expected to release modeling as part of its new rules that will more accurately identify impact areas in the event of a CO2 release.  This is essential for first responders and for establishing safe setbacks.

Don't Wait!  Act Now
Use the form below to tell Governor Pritzker that we need a moratorium on CO2 pipelines now.  The scale of what has been proposed by Navigator and Wolf has NEVER been built in this country, and is experimental and risky.  If the Illinois Commerce Commission approves these projects, they will not be constructed without the new standards.  Also ask the Governor to support legislation underway that would maximize protections for CO2 pipelines and carbon capture and storage.  This is essential to keep people, land, and water safe.  Our drinking water, can be contaminated if stored CO2 leaks into aquifers., like the Mahomet Aquifer, that serves nearly 1,000,000 residents in central Illinois.


This is an editable form, so feel free to personalize it. but, don't wait!  Developers are moving through permit approval processes for CO2 pipelines and carbon storage now.