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Learn how a CO2 release from One Earth Energy's pipeline would affect residents in Ford and McLean Counties! April 23, 6pm, Paxton Courthouse.

The Zoning Committee of the Ford County Board is hosting an educational forum on One Earth Sequestration, LLC's carbon capture, transport, and storage project at the County Court House in Paxton:

Tuesday, April 23, 2024, 6pm
200 W. State Street, Paxton
(large court room of the courthouse building)

Representatives of One Earth Energy Sequestration, LLC and Eco-Justice Collaborative will each present to the Zoning Committee for 30 minutes. Attendees will then have the opportunity to ask questions of each presenter, and provide input to the Zoning Committee.

New information will be shared, including the newly-released plume modeling and emergency response planning. Plume modeling shows how far, and in what concentrations CO2will spread in the event of a CO2 pipeline leak or rupture. We also will address the planned expansion of the project, the proposal to build a direct air capture facility, and the impact this project could have on the Mahomet Aquifer.

If you are concerned about eminent domain, your health and safety, and  your land and water, please come! We’ll want to show the Zoning Board that its constituents remain interested in, and concerned about this carbon capture, transport, and sequestration project. Remember - OES has shortened their pipeline (for now), and reduced its capacity. But the company still has plans for third party users, which could mean additional CO2 pipelines.

Please share widely. If you have questions, please call Lan: 773.556.3417. The Zoning Board and One Earth need to hear from you!

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