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CO2 pipeline prompts concerns
The McDonough County Voice
Published June 3, 2022

The scene:  The CO2 pipeline had ruptured. Green fog of escaping CO2 sickened dozens of people.  Cars would not run due to lack of oxygen.  Emergency personnel did not have proper equipment and training in how to handle the CO2 rupture.  Responders did not know the exact pipeline location.

This scenario sounds like a movie or novel.  But this rupture actually happened in 2020 near Satartia, Mississippi.

With CO2 pipeline break, carbon dioxide plume can spread a mile or more wide.  Carbon dioxide is harmful to humans and, in high enough concentrations, can cause death within minutes.  CO2 gas is odorless, colorless, unable to ignite, heavier than air, and is an asphyxiant.

Why is CO2 rupture response plan and training necessary?  A private company has proposed constructing a five state CO2 pipeline that includes McDonough County and twelve other Illinois counties.

On Monday, June 13 at 7 PM, the Coalition to Stop COPipelines is hosting a 90-minute webinar that will focus on pipeline safety and emergency preparedness.  Webinar will help emergency responders (police, fire, sheriff, paramedics, ambulance services), health personnel, local government units responsible for public safety (counties, municipalities, and townships), and the public as they prepare local 

COpipeline rupture response plan. Webinar purpose is to review CO2 pipeline hazards, discuss potential CO2 impact on human health, and begin dialogue with others about how to be prepared for a CO2 release, and what training and equipment is necessary. To register for the webinar, go to: https://noillinoisco2pipelines.org/

Marilyn Shelley
Colchester, IL

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