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Letter to the Editor
Prairie View - Formerly Argus-Sentenniel
Published April 20, 2022

Stop the Illinois CO2 Pipeline
Illinois is set to become the dumping grounds for CO2. Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC is proposing the transport of high-pressure, liquified CO2 through the midwest, near several of our communities in Central Illinois, and eventually depositing it underground. This is an investment opportunity for these corporations with no benefits to the environment and the potential for immense harm to the people and the land. We must stop this dangerous project.

First of all, this project poses serious safety concerns. Since liquid carbon dioxide must be held at extremely high pressure, there is significant potential for these pipelines to rupture or leak. Two years ago, in the small town of Satartia, Mississippi, a CO2 pipeline ruptured and put 49 people in the hospital. Many of the residents still report neurological and respiratory issues. CO2 pipelines are poorly regulated. This is a new technology with standards and safety regulations not yet in place.

Additionally, this project will negatively impact the valuable, productive land of our state. The pipeline construction will damage topsoil and impact crop yields for a number of years beyond what is compensated, through earthwork disturbance and compaction. Landowners should NOT SIGN A VOLUNTARY EASEMENT at this time, especially since the long term damage to the land has not yet been fully assessed.

Finally, we the taxpayers should not be subsidizing these large corporate profits. Tax credits are being made available to these companies for capturing, sequestering, and storing carbon emissions, but all of the risk is being taken on by our landowners and communities.

We must oppose this misguided project. It is dangerous, damaging to the land, and profitable only for corporations. We should not gamble away our land and our communities on becoming a dumping ground for toxic CO2.

Please find out more about how to help stop the Illinois CO2 pipeline at https://noillinoisco2pipelines.org

Connie Cowan, Abingdon

Banner photo of CO2 rupture in Yahoo County, Mississippi. February 20, 2020. Courtesy of Yahoo County Emergency Management Agency.

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