Carbon Capture and Sequestration - A Climate Savior or False Solution?
With humanity heading deeper into a climate crisis everyday, carbon capture and storage (CCS), the technology of injecting waste CO2 into the ground, has been been thrust into the forefront of U.S. climate mitigation policy. The U.S. government is now going all in, making tens of billions of dollars accessible to oil and gas companies and their affiliates to build out a massive network of specialized pipelines intended to transport CO2 across country to designated injection sites.

But, do we really understand the potential long-term impacts and risks? Or, are we betting too heavily on a path that is diverting critical resources we need right now to build a renewable energy economy? In this webinar, three experts weight in with the answers.

June Sekera, Senior Research Fellow, Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center
Al Kervalis, Risk and Safety Analyst, Fellow-American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Mark Jacobsen, Director Atmosphere/Energy Program, Stanford University

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