Navigator's CO2 Pipeline
Navigator CO2 Ventures is proposing to construct a high pressure liquified CO2 pipeline extending 1300 miles, across five states, terminating in central Illinois. While the pipeline is a private project relying on significant taxpayer dollars, the safety risks and impacts of construction and operation will fall mainly on local landowners and surrounding communities.

In this webinar, recorded on March 7, 2022:

  • Jessica Wiskus shares what it is like to be a landowner whose land will be taken for the project.
  • Paul Blackburn, an attorney with experience in dealing with pipelines speaks about the safety risks and limited regulation associated with CO2 transport.
  • John Albers, a former administrative judge for the Illinois Commerce Commission, talks about eminent domain and the process required for Navigator to obtain a Certificate of Authority to Construct from the ICC.

Hear what our panelist have to say as they answer questions from some of the over 250 registrants concerned about what the pipeline will mean for them.


NOTE:  As of October, 2023 Navigator cancelled its project. This was due to organizing and resistance that took place across the Midwest, including recommendations of denial by Illinois' Commerce Commission staff.


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