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Highlights from this year's Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois
The Coalition for CO2 pipelines tabled at this year's Farm Progress Show held in Decatur Illinois.  We spoke to over 1,000 farmers about concerns related to CO2 pipelines, but particularly the planned use of eminent domain.  If a pipeline project in Illinois is approved, the developer will receive eminent domain authority.

The farmers we spoke to oppose eminent domain for the two pipeline projects making their way through the Illinois Commerce Commission proceedings. Over 650 signed post cards asking the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB)to return to their long-standing policy of opposing eminent domain for private, for-profit projects.  The IFB reversed their position in December of 2022, and supports CO2 pipeline projects that carry carbon dioxide from fertilizer plants. But this position doesn't represent the farmers who will be most affected by these risky projects, which carry risk. CO2 is an asphyxiant that can harm or kill humans if the pipeline were to leak or rupture.  Construction also has significant impacts, since it results in reduced crop yield due to compaction of soils.

While we were tabling, an anonymous donor paid to have this banner flown over the grounds for three or more hours each day.  That was a great way of raising awareness and encouraging people to stop by our booth.  Thank you to our anonymous donor!

We tabled in the varied interests tent, not too far from Navigator and Wolf. Our booth was consistently busy, as farmers wanted to share their concerns about pipeline impacts and the use of eminent domain. If the ICC approves these two projects, Wolf and Navigator will be given eminent domain authority to take permanent easements from farmers.  So far, farmers are resisting, and Navigator, who has been trying to secure voluntary easements for more than a year, has just 15% of the easements then need to build the project.

Not all hard work...  we had some great giveaways and were interviewed by Trent Loos
We gave away yard signs, business cards, and tote bags.  We were the busiest booth in the tent, according to those we spoke with, and blogger radio host Trent Loose, who interviewed Pam Richart, organizer, and Bruce Brocklesy, farmer.  Bruce owns property in the area planned for carbon sequestration.  You can listen to this fun interview, here:  Rural Route Radio August 31, 2023 Say NO to CO2 Pipelines!

Here are some photos from our three days of tabling!  Enjoy ...

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