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Landowner In Path Of CO2 Pipeline Worried About Safety

Taylorville Daily News
Posted Friday Morning, May 13, 2022 by Avery Cooper

While construction is two years away, landowners are receiving notices for the Heartland Greenway Carbon Capture and Storage pipeline from Navigator and Tenaska.

Kathleen Campbell is one of those landowners, and she co-founded the Coalition Against Carbon Pipelines. She says she received a notice at her home in rural Sangamon County. For Campbell – it’s bad news.

Campbell says that once she received the letter threatening eminent domain she started doing a lot of research and did not like what she found.

Campbell is most concerned about what would happen if the pipeline leaks

Outside of safety, Campbell does not appreciate the way Navigator is handling this project.

Learn more at noillinoisco2pipelines.org. Campbell appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

4 comments on “Landowner Worried About CO2 Pipeline Safety”

  1. Diane Stocker Reply

    Wow, this all seems awful and I thought only Iowa had been threatened with eminet domain papers thus far but if Kathy is speaking the truth, much of Illinois is perhaps being “targeted” already. I have been “asleep at the wheel” aparently, and I’m not a active enviromentalist, but maybe I and many others in Illinois need to be, surely this thing won’t go thru so much of central Il, who would want this as it is now proposed!?!?! Sounds like a nightmare as it is being set up now, I just bought a small home & a few acres in Brown County, had to invest alot to make it livable and DO NOT want to loose it or have it be affected by this project !!!

  2. Kathleen Campbell Reply

    This is Kathy Campbell and I assure you it is all true. In the initial mailing from Navigator they said they would seek an easement for our property and if we refused they would seek condemnation of our property and eminent domain. I have it all in writing from them. Plus they want to place this dangerously close to our housing district of over 50 homes. So please join this coalition to stop them!

  3. K E Reply

    Has consideration been given to the fact that much of Christian Country is over abandoned coal mines? Has consideration been given to the proximity of the Madrid Fault line? We value our safety. Please give these subjects thorough consideration. Thank you

  4. Pam Reply

    Thank you K.E. We definitely are looking at both the Madrid and Wabash Valley Seismic Zones. You are right about the presence of abandoned coal mines, too, and will be sure to evaluate that as well, particularly as it relates to the storage of CO2. The coalition has grave concerns over the potential for CO2 to leak and potentially contaminate drinking water. We also are concerned about induced seismic activity related to injection. And more. We’re working on adding an entire section on carbon capture and storage to this website. It’s in process. So, stay tuned!

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