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Navigator Is Asking to Survey Property BEFORE They Have Filed with the ICC. Here's How to Say NO
We've been receiving calls and emails regarding Navigator's "request" to survey property along their pipeline route.  REMEMBER - Navigator hasn't yet filed its application with the Illinois Commerce Commission, and you are under NO obligation to allow them on your property.

However, in light of the many phone calls people have been receiving in the past few days with regard to pipeline surveys, Knox County landowner John Feltham contacted his attorney about how best to respond. John, too, is an attorney. After discussion, they are recommending against ignoring, or failing to respond to, Navigator's calls. Landowners objecting to surveys should, instead, clearly state their positions, as the company could otherwise construe silence or failure to return calls as tacit acquiescence to its wishes.  Be sure to clearly identify the property about which you are communicating by providing street addresses, parcel/tract numbers, or other identifiers.

John prepared a letter to a Navigator representative that he agreed to share. This letter reflects an experience he had yesterday. You will want to adjust it to meet our specific needs and experiences:

"Ms. Sun,

Yesterday, a cousin of mine received a phone call from a gentleman identifying himself as Jon Kraft.  Mr. Kraft told my cousin he believed he had permission to conduct a right of way survey for the Navigator Heartland Greenway Pipeline project on a farm in which my cousin has an interest.  Although my cousin had never given anyone permission to conduct such a survey, he told me Mr. Kraft claimed to have received his information from you.

Since you previously contacted me with regard to the Navigator Heartland Greenway Pipeline project, my purpose in contacting you now is to make the following abundantly clear: I have never given, nor will I ever give, any person or entity connected with the Navigator Heartland Greenway Pipeline project permission to enter any of my real property for any reason whatsoever.  If I observe any unauthorized persons or equipment on my property, I will immediately call the Knox County, Illinois, Sheriff's Department, ask to have all such persons arrested for criminal trespass, further ask to have their vehicles and equipment seized as evidence, and agree to be a cooperating witness in any resulting criminal prosecutions.  I will pursue civil remedies against trespassers and their employer(s), and seek to hold them jointly and severally liable for the tort of trespass."

Also, you can download a No Trespassing yard sign from our website and take it to a local printer. This can be an effective, inexpensive way to keep Navigator off your property.

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