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SB 1289, the SAFE CCS Act forces One Earth to Withdraw
One Earth Sequestration, LLC is the only remaining company seeking a certificate of authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission.  In April, it received a recommendation of denial from the ICC. And the following month, the adoption of SB 1289, Safety and Aid for the Environment in Carbon Capture and Sequestration Act, by the Illinois General Assembly. The bill dismisses all pending applications before the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Governor Pritzker is expected to sign the bill before the end of July.

But this isn't the only trouble One Earth Sequestration, LLC (OES) has faced. This past April, the company received its second recommendation of denial from ICC staff member, Mark Maple. In sum, OES:

  • Does not have Class VI well permits from the U.S. EPA, nor have they addressed McLean County concerns raised by Mr. Maple. project should not be rushed.
  • Hasn't addressed the safety concerns raised with respect to paying for equipment and identifying how they will be able to safely rescue residents, in the event of an accidental leak or rupture of its CO2 pipeline.
  • Is not waiting for PHMSA rules to be adopted.
  • Has not demonstrated that the project is in the public interest.
  • Has not meet the criteria of the CO2 Act.

Click here for more on One Earth, including Mark Maple's testimony and more information about risks of this project.

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