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CO2 Pipeline Risks
Impacted landowner Jessica Wiksus discusses carbon dioxide beyond asphyxiation.  She analyzes Navigator's plume dispersion model by placing it against the research of the UK's Health and Safety Executive, filling in sections that were redacted.

This video shows maps of Wolf and Summit and discusses those maps in terms of Hazard Levels. Watch Jessica's presentation to better understand how industry's planned routing could place people and animals within the "kill zone", based on hazard levels that take into account CO2 concentrations and length of exposure.

Why isn't  the Illinois Commerce Commission analyzing the health impacts of routing proposed by Navigator CO2 Ventures (who recently cancelled their project), Wolf Carbon Solutions, and One Earth Sequestration, LLC?  Why should industry, versus the State, be allowed to set the route, when human health and lives are so at risk?  Why aren't CO2 pipeline developers required to show their CO2 modeling to the general public and local governments? And why aren't CO2 pipeline developers required to use the most precise modeling available?

Legislation that responds to these key concerns, and ensures that setbacks from CO2 pipelines are large enough to protect Illinois residents and ensure safe evacuation or rescue will be reintroduced after the first of the year.  We will need all who concerned about the toxicity of CO2 and the risks CO2 pipelines bring to help pass this bill this coming spring.

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