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Please File a Witness Slip to Support HB3119!
The subject matter hearing is Monday, April 24, at 11am.  We need to show a massive wave of support for HB3119, the ONLY bill that will protect Illinois residents from carbon capture, CO2 pipelines, and sequestration. Read more about the bill , and other actions you can take, here.

Will you join the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines and other partners across the state to support this important bill BEFORE the hearing begins on Monday, at 11am?

It's easy.  Just follow the directions below.

1.   Click here.

2.  Under Identification, fill in your contact info.

For "Firm, Business, or Agency", you can type "self", or, "<Last Name> Farms" if you have a business and/or farm that would be impacted.

For title, you can type "self", or "owner", "partner", etc. if you are representing your farm or business.

3.  For Representation, you can type "self", or the name of your farm or business

4.  For Position, go to the drop-down menu titled "Subject Matter", and be sure to select "HB3119"and click "Proponent",  NOTE:  the circle to check is on top of the "P" of the word Proponent.  Clicking the wrong circle will indicate you oppose, rather than support the bill.  

5.  For Testimony, click "Record of Appearance Only"

6.  Click "I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement"

7.  Click "Create Slip"

And that's it!  If you can, please submit another slip to oppose the industry bill:

HB2202 - Opponent.  This is industry's bill, which does not address carbon capture or CO2 pipelines, does not include ANY environmental protections, forces acquisition of pore space, minimizes liability of the operator, and turns the sequestration site over to the state for long-term care and maintenance. 

Need more information about these bills?
Fact sheet

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