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Don't let Navigator control what Governor Pritzker thinks
Did you know that Navigator has a website that includes a form that allows industry and other supporters to tell Governor Pritzker and your state and U.S. senators and representatives that carbon capture and CO2 pipelines are good for Illinois?  Well they are, and those comments also are appearing on the ICC's public comment  page for Navigator's docket 22-0497.

But, we plan to take back control!  With your help, we can send several messages a day to the Governor and decision-makers that highlight the hazards of CO2 pipelines, and tie our messaging to PHMSA's rule-making process.  Here's what we are asking of you.

    1. Use the form below to compose a letter or send the standard one we've created (NOTE it is always better to write your own, or at least alter the standard letter).
    2. Be sure to copy it before you click send.Temporarily save it in a Word or text file, so you have it readily accessible to paste on the ICC's website.
    3. Head over to the public comments page on the ICC site and paste your letter on that page. Instructions for how to do that can be found here.

Your comment won't appear on the ICC webpage unless you physically place it there.  But it WILL be sent to all other recipients.

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